Control Modules

Having the ability to diagnose and control your engine is important. Controls Integration makes it possible to go beyond OEM standards to diagnose what is happening with your mechanical and electronic engines. We create custom modules to help read and diagnose engine codes and send commands to your engine. This means instead of having a check engine light pop up and needing a third party to help read the code, we can send the code and a complete description of the problem right to your display. This description will help you figure out the problem yourself and save time and money from having a third party come in a diagnose it or using a code reader that doesn’t give you a description of the code. Beyond just reading and diagnosing an issue, Controls Integrations has created a way to give you live feeds of all your gauges and more. With the gauges customized, you can receive real time updates on how your engine is performing. The live view is also helpful if you have access to cameras attached to your equipment as well. We can help you manage alerts that let you know when your engine needs to be serviced or set up an emergency shut off in case something isn’t working correctly. All these features will help you maintain an efficient engine that will last and keep running longer. Again, it is all customizable to watch and monitor however much is needed.


To make update your basic OEM ECU, add the XM500 to help control and diagnose your engine. Additional inputs and outputs created with the XM500 makes it easy to read more information such as hydraulic pressure, coolant levels, fuel level, temperature readings and other parts of the engine that the OEM computer can’t handle. This control module runs on the standard J1939 standard protocol. This engine control module brings a simple way to control and add inputs and outputs to the J1393. 


IX3212 PDM

Replace your existing relay, with a more reliable solid-state switch, with the IX3212 PDM engine control module. With 12 outputs, your can have all the control over your engine you need. Add 12 digital inputs and 8 analog inputs and this control module is everything you need. The IX3212 is designed to protect against wash-down and dust to keep it working for you.