Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is A Murphy Engineered Solutions Provider?

An Engineered Solutions Provider is a company that has extensive training and experience in working with Murphy Powerview products. We don’t just sell the hardware, we can provide custom software for your application.

What Else Can Controls Integration Do?

We can provide the complete electrical backbone for your machine. Telematics, lighting, machine control, human machine interface and infotainment are just some of the services we can provide. We can also provide sheet metal (or other material) panels, boxes, etc. for mounting the components, and switches, sensors, gauges, etc. as required.

Why Should I Use Controls Integration Instead Of Programming The Display In House?

Controls Integration creates custom Powerview display programs on a daily basis. Our engineers work on many different applications and have a broad range of experience. We can complete many projects before your engineers get up to speed saving you time and money. Our engineers also have a good grasp of the engine manufacturer requirements as well as the regulatory requirements that need to be included in engine controllers & displays.

How Do We Get Started On A Project?

Give us a call, we will work with you to understand some of the basics about your application, make some hardware recommendations and provide a scope of work and quote for any custom software required. Once the scope of work is created our engineers will program and work with your team providing regular updates. We will work to your deadlines and product validation requirements. We will also provide hardware and software suggestions based on our experience.

How Does Controls Integration Test & Validate Custom Software?

We encourage customers to bring their equipment to Controls Integration so that our engineers can test and validate different portions of the configurations on the fly which reduces the development time and saves the customer time. At the end we will do a sign-off to ensure that all the deliverables are met. In cases where it is impractical or impossible to bring the equipment over, we will email versions of the configuration to the customer for them to validate and report back to us.

How Does The Process Work For Buying Custom-Programmed Hardware?

Once Control Integration completes a project for a customer, we set up the custom software under a unique part number as well as a kit under a unique part number. The kit (at a minimum) would consist of the controller or display programmed with the custom software so that it is plug-&-play for the customer. In applications where the customer also wants harnesses or other hardware, all those components would also be included in the kit.

Does Controls Integration Provide After-Sales Support?

Yes, for any hardware we supply, if there are any field issues, we will support trouble-shooting and resolution and/or warranty claims.

What Is The Difference Between A Murphy Engineered Solutions Provider & A Murphy Distributor?

They both sell Murphy Powerview displays, but only a Murphy Engineered Solutions Provider can provide the support required to provide custom programming for the display.

Do You Provide Training For Powervision Software?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide training or classes on Powervision software. Please contact Enovation controls for training. However, when we work with you on a project, we will train you on how to use the custom-programmed controller or display and also if applicable, how to load the configuration file onto it.

What Other Types Of Displays Are Available?

We like the Murphy PowerView displays and other hardware from Enovation controls. However, if you have a special
requirement that can only be met by another manufacturer’s hardware we can help. Our engineersare fluent programmers for most displays and controllers.

Do The Components That Controls Integration Supply Have Any Certifications?

Yes, the Murphy hardware has certain certifications like IP & UL ratings that are all listed under the specifications on the FW Murphy website. The software and wire harnesses for Kubota and FPT power applications are all also approved by the engine manufacturers and also meet all the regulatory requirements. Any additional certifications like UL can be discussed on an as-needed case-by-case basis.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at 612-524-5828