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Check Out Our FPT Displays:

Powerview 485

PowerView® 485

• High brightness 4.3” 16 bit WQVGA display
• Freescale IMX35 32 bit 532MHz microprocessor
• 10 inputs and 5 outputs (analog, digital and frequency
• CAN 2.0B/J1939 and RS-485 communications
• Interchangable with PV480
• 256mb flash memory
• Real time clock
• USB 2

Powerview 380

PowerView® 380

• Crisp 3.8” QVGA monochrome display
• Red and amber warning LED
• 8 inputs and 2 outputs
• Real time clock
• CAN 2.0B/J1939 and RS-485 communications

Part number DisplaySoftwareEngineTier 4F CompatibleTier 4F CompliantEngine Start and StopEngine Throttle ControlFPT Specific Fault CodesCI Enhanced DiagnosticsCustom Features On Request
78700609PV380-R2Murphy BaseAllxx
CT00065PV380-R2Controls IntegrationFPT Diesel T4B/STIVxxxxxx
78700639PV485Murphy BaseAllxx
CT00066PV485Controls Integration enhancedFPT Diesel T4B/STIVxxxxxxx

Controls Integration Software Includes:

• Tested per FPT requirements and fully validated
• Tier 4F compliant
• Engine start/stop and throttle control via the display
• Enhanced diagnostics (PV485 only)
• Customizable logos, colors (colors PV485 only)
• Our ability to integrate other machine functions into the display.

Software To Fit Your Application:

We can make the display suit your application.
Controls Integration can customize the display
software to provide additional information or custom
controls for your application. Examples include
hydraulic actuation, enhanced diagnostics, machine
specific service reminders and custom branding
solutions. If you can dream it our engineers can
make it a reality.

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