The Process

The process of our design and engineering team take to make sure you get what you need is extensive. We make sure to get every detail needed so we can design, engineer and integrate the perfect product for your Tier 4 engine.


The design process is all about you the customer. Your company, your colors, your logo, your identity. Everything from a startup page on the screen, to how the gauge cluster looks, what each button does for you, color schemes, languages and branding that matches your company. Our engineers and graphic designer will make sure the screens meet your specifications. With a design made just for you, your brand will grow to become a part of your equipment.


Once the design is complete, the engineers will program the control module to all the requirements for your engine and equipment. Everything from the basic and advanced fault codes, alerts and live feeds of almost anything you can imagine. Control of valves and actuators monitoring positions and providing feedback to the operator. Our engineers will work with you thru test and validation to make sure your application performs correctly and operates as expected.


Controls Integration can provide full electronic integration services, wiring harnesses, enclosures, panels and other related components. We can supply complete ready to install systems delivered to your assembly line as well as support your service needs.

What We Do For You…

• Listen and understand your functional needs
• Communicate frequently during development to report progress and accuracy of outcomes
• Conduct an application review confirming operation matches statement of work
• Support your service requirements as needed

• Provide a statement of work verifying our understanding of your desired deliverable
• Deliver a beta unit for validation of function
• Provide a smooth transition into production with just-in-time delivery per your schedule